Excitement, Excitement!!

Ok, so you know how i said Mrs. O was taking down our blogs? Well, I apparently was just kidding!! I got a comment from her saying the school is trying to keep them up! I was so excited!!  So, ya now you can comment and do whatever you want for as long as this is up! Thanks guys and girls! Bye(:

More People!!!

I’ve noticed that the same people keep coming to my blog! I appreciate that but it’s time for some new people! I think you should read my 101 Comments post. That’s another thing to add. I’m trying to get more people to come on my blog so I can keep it! I know i made such a short post but there’s nothing more to write about this topic. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out 101 Comments! Thanks. Bye(:

Wonderful, Wonderful Widgets!

Hello, Hello! Aren’t widgets just wonderful? I think they are. On my blog I have the Globe, Shelfari, a Poll, and a calender for when I write new posts. I think they’re very useful. Shelfari helps me keep track of what books I’ve read. My memory is so bad, I don’t even remember which is the phone and which is the remote! The globe is also to see how popular my blog is.  I love my Poll! I think I came up with a very good question! Just kidding, I think my question is ok. So, Again for the daily question, do you guys think… wait for it…. wait for it…. I should add any new widgets? Ta da! Hehe thanks for reading! Bye(:

Outside is Good too!

It’s always not so bad that you’ve learned something out of  school too. I learned a lot about the universe just by watching an hour long episode of Curiosity on Discovery Channel.  The universe is 15-20 billion years old. Isn’t that just amazing. Ok, maybe not just. That is amazing. Also, nothing and I mean nothing existed before the Big Bang. Time, light, and the universe  were born during the Big Bang. It turns out the Big Bang was a star that collapsed and turned into a black hole. The process is explained like this. The middle of the star takes all the heat from the outside and starts to boil. Then, the star slowly collapses on itself. Then it couldn’t hold up anymore and it explodes! That’s when the black hole comes into play. The hole is almost completely black, but nothing is perfect. The hole takes in so much gravity nothing can survive going through it. I learned all of that from Curiosity. Stephen Hawking did all this research! Congratulations! Thanks for reading. Remember, you’re not a nerd if you learn  something that is useful outside of school. Thanks! Bye(:


Ok, so I have to write a persuasive post. I chose the idea of everybody from grade 6 onward should have an individual blog. I thought that was true because it make kids like me better writers. Along with being great writers it makes us better internet users too. I learned this cool trick from my teacher when we got our blogs. You do Ctrl+Tab and it scrolls through your windows that you have up. Having a blog also lets us interact with students around the world. I met this girl Emily and her and I are a lot alike. Even though she’s a third grader we still have a lot in common. We both love science, her name is Em, and she likes baseball! I don’t even know her and I like her just because of her writing. So thats the question today. What do you think about this?(:

My Favorite

Hola! This is a post for the Challenge. I realize I haven’t done anything Challenge related in a while, but it’s summer and I’m home alone most of the time. This post is about my favorite computer game. My favorite computer game is RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.You get to build your own theme park! You have to have mascots, janitors( in case anybody throws up, which they do) firemen, and police officers. I can spend all day on this game! This game is so much fun! I actually was going to play it right now. The sad thing is you have to download and buy the disk.It’s worth it though. I think I skipped like two weeks worth of challenges! Oops! I’ll go back. Thanks for reading this! Bye(:

Ferris Wheel

Photo by: kit_deming licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.


If you read my last post you’ll get the back story. Here, let me sum it all up for you: Mrs. O is probably taking down our blogs and I’m trying to say that people like them by getting 101 comments. I’m almost there i just need (do this, ok, 1-1=o do this, now that) and i need 70 more comments. Please do this for me! I really want to keep it. So, get friends, family, old folks, and show them my blog! I’ll add a lot more stuff to it to make it more exciting. Please! I really want her to know people like this. Thanks peoples! Bye(:



Hey People!!!

Oh my goodness! I’ve missed you! Oh, and you guys, too! Hehe, anyway, I’m going into the seventh grade and Mrs. O is probably taking down our blogs so I wanted to use them as much as possible! Guess that didn’t work out did it? What have you all been up too? You should check out my friend Sarah’s Blog, she has a lot of great stories for people to read. My summer has been ok, I guess. I haven’t been doing much just hanging out with my niece Adyson! We stay home all day and do nothing and I hate it! I got some braces!!! I’ve always wanted them I can’t wait to show everyone! If you have or had braces give me some tips  on what to do! So, my cousin Brady almost died, ligit DIED, like two weeks ago! He loves hot dogs, so he  decided to shove half of it down his throat and not chew it! He has a huge hand mark on his back because my uncle was hitting him so hard. My brother is finally coming home in like a week! I’m so excited I’m going to see Adyson a lot more, too! She can talk a lot, count to ten( except she rarely does in a front of a group of people. She usually goes 1… 2… 3… YAY!) She knows most of her ABC’s, and finally, she knows how to play softball! Ady can also spell her name!! We taught her how to play softball with one of the Wii Nerf baseball bats. So that’s about it!  Thanks for reading and I’ll think of something to write about next time! 10/4 over and out!

Poem Homework

Hey guys! This is a poem I wrote for homework.

One Day,
Out of the darkness,
Comes a small girl
With a big birds nest.

Nobody knew who’s it was.
But, it looks like there is some fuzz.
We can figure out who’s it is,
If we’re smart and have some fun!

Hope you guys liked it! I just wrote it down when something came into my mind. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while! Comment! Bye!!! 🙂

I’m Back!!!

Hello people. I haven’t posted in a while and I’m sorry for that. I haven’t been on the computer lately. So how have you all been doing? I’ve been great. And guess what? MY BROTHER’S HOME!!!! He’s been home for two weeks now. The sad thing is is he’s leaving early in the morning Mother’s Day 🙁 The army picks the wrong time to have them ship out. He first left on 9/11. It was so weird and annoying. Well, I got to go. Have fun people! Bye bye.